April 11, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

In Dr. Erin Hannah's International Political Economy class, students are able to participate in situations which aim to provide insight about the current state of international affairs. However, this year's final simulation was much different than the past. This year's international political economy class worked with Darryl J. King ‘97, president and founder of Logikor Inc. and a King’s History graduate, in order to provide the foundation for what will be a microfinance program in Africa. King is aiming to help 10 million people in 10 years with this program. Third and fourth year political science students at King's met with King last week to discuss their ideas. 

The simulation lasted three weeks with multiple stages involved in the proposal process. In the first week, students were not provided with any background information about King's ideas. Students were divided into three groups, completing general background research about microfinance, civil society, good governance and women's empowerment in Africa. The following week, two students from each of the three groups were placed into two different groups who would work on a proposal for King. 

Both groups of students did an incredible amount of work and were able to provide King with a proposed location for his microfinance initiative which was informed by extensive research into the political, economic, social and technological conditions of African societies. This was a one of a kind experiential learning project and many students commented that they learned more from this project than from any research paper they have written in class. 

King will be moving forward with his project and will be using the work of Dr. Hannah's 3357 class to inform the process. 

Provided by Jen Carter, President of KUCSC