Interdisciplinary Studies


Social Justice and Peace Studies

King's courses taught
  • SJPS 1020E
  • SJPS 2200E
  • SJPS 2201G
  • SJPS 3370B
  • IS 2240F
Area of research

Ethics and political philosophy, in particular with respect to understanding state violence, torture and oppression.

Current research projects

I am working on a book analyzing arguments for obligatory evil-doing by public officials.

How my teaching/research makes a difference…

If we are concerned to reduce and ultimately eliminate violence and oppression, then education is the first pre-requisite. People have to understand the nature of the wrongs that we confront if we are to transform ourselves and our world for the better.

What makes King’s unique?

Its combination of the atmosphere and small class sizes of Canada’s finest undergraduate universities with access to the world-class research resources of the Western University system.

What I enjoy about working at King’s

I love the small class sizes and the consequent ability to know my students. Likewise, SJPS students are a remarkably engaged and committed group. I’ve never met any like them.

My interests outside of King's

I love playing clarinet and gardening. I’m also a keen former rugby and soccer player. Travel is, of course, a wonderful experience. I’m particularly attracted to Australia and love visiting there whenever possible.