Erin Hannah


Political Science

King's University College courses taught
  • Political Science 1020E (579) – Introduction to Politics
  • Political Science 2231E (571) – Introduction to International Politics
  • Political Science 3352E (570) – Advanced International Politics
  • Political Science 4450E (570) – United States Foreign Policy

Erin Hannah received her PhD in Political Science from the University of Toronto. She has been a member of the Department of Political Science at King’s University College since 2008.

Teaching and research interests

Her teaching and research interests are rooted in the study of the global political economy and straddle the intersection of normative and analytic international relations theory.

Current research

She has a number of ongoing research projects in the areas of global governance, global civil society and international trade and her research has appeared in scholarly journals such as the Journal of International Economic Law and the Journal of Civil Society. Hannah’s project entitled, NGOs and the Reconstitution of Knowledge in the International Trade Regime, examines efforts by NGOs to redress power asymmetries in the international trade regime by leveraging their legal and technical trade-related expertise across a range of issue areas that are of primary concern to developing countries – health, water, agriculture, fisheries. She is also engaged in a collaborative study of (in)coherence in global economic governance with Dr. Steven Bernstein (University of Toronto).

Bringing research to the classroom

Hannah’s research informs her teaching, particularly in the classes POL 3352: Advanced International Politics, POL 3357: International Political Economy, and POL 2231: International Politics. She often integrates her research into the classroom by staging a series of negotiation simulations in major international economic institutions such as the G20 and the World Trade Organization. Hannah also involves students in her research through the Work Study and First Generation programs. Currently, her research assistant is working on transnational NGOs, international trade negotiations and sustainable development and exploring opportunities for pairing experiential learning with social media such as Facebook and Twitter. She is assisting in the development of  simulations and social media-based learning opportunities for students at the classroom and College levels. This spring, Hannah’s research assistant accompanied her to the International Studies Association Annual Convention in San Diego to participate in a virtual Middle East peace negotiation simulation launched by scholars at the Bar Ilan University in Israel. He worked on an international team of grad students and professors in a series of online, Facebook-based negotiation sessions to help create foreign policy goals and plan strategic options representing their group's interests. The simulation culminated in a face-to-face international conference at the ISA where participants worked in a conflict management role to resolve the issues developed in the first part of the simulation. The panel was entitled, From Viral to Real: Simulating Conflict Dynamics in a Global Information Age.

In September, Hannah is taking a student with her to the World Trade Organization’s Public Forum in Geneva, Switzerland as part of an independent study project.

What is it that you enjoy about working at King’s?

“A Catholic liberal arts education is designed to help students develop intellectually, socially and personally. The people who work at King’s aim to inspire intellectual curiosity, confidence and esteem in our students. Our small community atmosphere and close relationship between students and teachers are among the best features of the College. It is so rewarding to teach at King’s because we attract extraordinary, unique students who demonstrate humility, enthusiasm for learning, and a willingness to give back to the King’s community. Working with the Political Science Club and the King’s Debating Society as faculty advisor have been among my greatest joys. The students who lead these clubs represent the most gifted, dedicated and motivated students at King’s. In 2011-2012, the King’s Debating Society competed at the 56th Annual Harvard National Model United Nations and hosted the third annual King’s Model United Nations for highschool students. Highlights for the Political Science Club included a trip to the National Remembrance Day Ceremonies in Ottawa, a series of public lectures by internationally renowned scholars, fundraising and participation in the We Canada social movement for sustainable development, an interdisciplinary panel discussion on the Arab Spring, and a student-led roundtable on the Future of US Foreign Policy. Participation in these types of events enriches the lives of students, faculty and staff at King’s and inspires me to provide the best, most exciting and valuable learning experience for students both inside and outside the classroom.”

Interests outside of King's

In her spare time, Hannah can be found trapshooting her way across North America. She holds several national and provincial championship titles, including the 2010 Canadian Ladies Doubles Champion. She is also an avid member of the Queen’s of King’s, an interdisciplinary group of female faculty who participate in road races to raise awareness and funds for charities.