Vice-President and Academic Dean (Dr. Gillian Balfour)

Directs and coordinates college activities having as their purpose the planning, development and implementation of policies, programs and practices which are the core of the college's goals, those of an academic nature.

Director of Libraries (Ms. Adrienne Co-dyer)

Leads, administers and coordinates the operation of the library within the context of the educational philosophy and academic programs of the College.

Vice-President, Support Services and Finance (Mr. Jeff Major)

The senior administrative official responsible for the planning, supervision and evaluation of the business and financial affairs of the college. Responsibilities include accounting, budget, payroll/benefits, purchasing, investments, insurance, Secretary of the Board and related matters.

Dean of Students (Mr. Joe Henry)

Plans, develops, directs, and evaluates the following non-academic student and college programs and services: personal/psychological counselling, student discipline, residence program and services, food services, special events and conference services, student information, and bursary program.

Initiates, develops and maintains consultation with and advisory role to King's College Students' Council and other student organizations. (Includes authorization/approval, monitoring and review of special events and programs.)

Associate Dean (Dr. Laura Melnyk Gribble)

Directs and coordinates activities related to student engagement, academic counseling, awards and scholarships, appeals and general academic progress. Responsible for research planning and support. Assists the Academic Dean with general administration, planning and representation on other campuses of the university.

Executive Director of the King's College Foundation/Director of Alumni Affairs (Jana Gordon)

Plans, implements and administers a fund development program for the King's College Foundation. Plans, implements and supervises all projects and programs concerning alumni relations. The Executive Director of the King's College Foundation shall report to the Board of the King's College Foundation on policy matters, and to the Principal of King's College on operational matters. The Director of Alumni Affairs shall report to the Principal on all matters pertaining to alumni affairs.

Director of Human Resources (Julie Horne):

The Director of Human Resources plans, develops and manages services necessary to meet the Human Resource needs of the Colege community: developing human resources strategies, coaching, advising and providing assistance on recruitment and retention, employee relations, performance, labour law, equity issues, organizational development, role descriptions, negotiations, and health and safety regulations.

Director of Information Technology Services (Tom Jory)

The Director of Information Technology Services provides leadership in the management, planning, coordination, supervision and evaluation of Information Technology Services for students, staff and faculty. These include the provision of computing and network services, web site design and media technology services.

Director of Physical Plant (Chris MacNeil)

Plans, directs and controls all aspects of the Physical Plant Department. Responsible for planning and performance in engineering, new construction, renovations, heating-ventilation and air conditioning systems, grounds keeping, maintenance, cleaning, communications, audio-visual and student computer requirements, printing and mail services, security of the campus and parking.

Director of Campus Ministry (Jim Panchaud):

The Director is accountable for the fulfillment of the spiritual and religious  mission of King's University College and for providing opportunities for personal and communal religious growth through the many facets related to the ministry, including worship, workshops, counselling, studies and retreats while responding to the needs of the students, staff and faculty of the College and the boarder community.

Vice-President, Enrolment Services and Strategic Partnerships (Ms. Marilyn Mason)

Responsible for the implementation, maintenance and integrity of admissions and academic policies, regulations, and procedures as they relate to the Registrar's Office. Develops and implements strategies to achieve enrolment projections. Develops, implements and maintains the student records system for the College and ensures its security. Acts as signing officer with the Principal for all submissions for government funding. Advises on enrolment and academic planning. Develops and maintains the College database used in planning. Gathers, analyses and summarizes data for individuals or bodies engaged in planning, upon request and in regular reports. Coordinates academic support services for faculty, students, applicants and graduates. Develops, implements, monitors and evaluates national and international student recruitment program. Initiates, develops and maintains relationships with other institutions (for student and faculty exchanges), government and non-governmental organizations, education agents and others to enhance institutional presence nationally and globally. Initiates, develops, evaluates and manages programs in support of international recruitment and globalizations.