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King’s is proud to be the home of more than 200 student-athletes in a wide variety of varsity sports and teams. All King’s students are eligible to compete for spots on Western Mustangs sports teams. Many Mustangs choose to study and live on the King’s campus as they prefer a quieter residence experience, small class sizes where they can make individual study plans directly with faculty, personal academic guidance from King’s enrolment services and a wide variety of program offerings. As well, King’s offer a wide range of scholarships and bursaries to student-athletes, recognizing that many will take an extra year to complete a degree due to the demands of training and competing. Student-athletes can attend a special Summer Academic Orientation program where they can meet with counsellors to choose their courses and set a timetable.

 In the Fall of 2015 nearly 50 members of the nationally-ranked Mustangs football team were also studying at King’s. It was easy to spot their purple jackets as they were on campus (and in the newly renovated cafeteria!)

Student-athletes from rugby, lacrosse, golf, soccer, field hockey, baseball, softball, tennis, water polo and rowing varsity teams along with many sports clubs enjoy the life of being a King’s student. And, they have a big fan in our Principal, Dr. David Sylvester, who has season tickets to football, can be found at many other games and recently, he took to the water with the Mustangs Rowing Crew alongside some King’s athletes.

Athlete Testimonials

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